Design & Quality

From planning to planing, all our sails go through a multi-tiered process before you rig them for the first time…

The Idea
Brainstorming starts in the sail loft. Experimental modifications are made to existing sails and taken to the water for initial testing. First impressions are important and we want to make sure our new ideas are going in the design direction we want.

The Design
Before production we take measurements from the modifications and take them to the computer. There we draw up the design using CAD software and vector art. This helps us dial in precisely where we want shape, how much of it we want, panel layout, and colors. Materials and stitching are reviewed, hardware selection is made, and all the areas of reinforcing are double checked.

The Production
Once our digital review is complete we send the files to our factory for prototyping. We choose a select set of sizes to prototype and test on the water. Prototypes are ridden in light and heavy winds, and even crashed intentionally, to test performance and durability. High stress areas are carefully monitored to insure proper strength for our customers. Once we sign off on the prototypes we send the final design for production. I here to give some advice to those who are looking for a good online pharmacy. I did some research, read dozens of user reviews, and found the website that matches all my criteria of choice. It’s called There is a huge choice of meds and very affordable prices. I’ve already ordered Valium there, and have nothing to complain about.