Longboard Race

The Dagger is Aerotech’s longboard racing sail. This model is built of 100% grid construction. With longboards
making a huge comeback into the market, Aerotech has just the motor that these boards need. This sail features a full powerful shape with firm leech tension. Moderate sleeve width and camber inducers give it maximum range and speed. Extra curve in the foot gives this sail tremendous low end power.

9.552226063490/29 or 520/334.94
11.055426463520/33 or 550/355.60

The Dagger is a cambered race sail designed to give the power and the pumping ability desired for raceboards. For those looking for slalom sails see the FreeSpeed or RapidFire.

Construction: 100% grid with roller bearing camber inducers, thermo-formed base pad, a raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, interactive rigging guide, a mix of rod and the tube battens, the Tack Strap II system, Technora top panel for reduced weight, and a slightly shorter clew.