This sail bridges the gap between freestyle, freeride, and power wave sailing, and are some of the lightest weight hassle-free sails available. A reinforced clew is designed to hold up even in the toughest pumping conditions, and the Dacron luff panels make it easier to rig. No more fear of crinkling while you’re feeding the mast through the luff sleeve! This sail offers a lot of range on outhaul adjustment, so you can tune it for your preferred feel. It continues to be the best value in a 100% grid model. The AirX has the soft feel of the Charge, but with lots of power like the Phantom. The new Tack Strap II system that threads the tack strap through the downhaul pulley provides better tension without any inconvenience.

7.045518550430/21 or 460/253.60
7.749019550460/25 or 490/294.06
* Denotes adjustable head

The Air-X is an easy-to-rig, no-cam sail designed with a large wind range in mind and with extra reinforcing. Beginner to expert, flat water to waves, freestyle to foil – this sail can do it all! For sailors wanting a sail focused more on just foiling or flat water, check out the AeroFoil.

Construction: 100% grid construction, raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, insignia tape reinforcing, Tack Strap II system, thermo-formed base pad, and rod battens in all sizes except 7.7.