On-shore Wave

The Phantom is a wave sail first, but due to its stability and power it crosses over to freeride and bump-and-jump use quite well. With its leech cutout just above the boom this sail offers great handling due to the shorter boom length. Carrying over into 2021 is a reinforced clew designed to hold up in the toughest whitewater or bump and jump. The leading edge luff panels are Dacron to make rigging easier without fear of crinkling the sail while feeding the mast through the luff sleeve. The Phantom’s ultra durable 100% grid construction and huge range make this sail one of Aerotech’s most popular models. This sail has the Tack Strap II system that threads the tack strap through the downhaul pulley for better tension with no inconvenience.


The Phantom is our powerful on-shore wave sail. Stable and powerful this sail is good for bump ‘n jump and wave sailing alike. For a more pure side-shore wave experience see the Charge.

Construction: This model features a 100% grid construction for the ultimate in durability and UV resistance, anti-chafe bumper in the head, raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, thermo-formed base pad, interactive rigging guide, rod battens, the Tack Strap II system, and Technora upper panels on the larger sizes (5.0 to 7.5).
*Denotes adjustable head