Foil / Freeride

The perfect sail for the ‘new wave’ of windfoiling! This two cam sail has the perfect power and stability for getting up on a foil. Technora panels on the leech make this one of the lightest cambered sails on the market. Perfect for foiling and freeride blasting! Easy to rig with a wide range of tuning options from the outhaul. The new Tack Strap II system makes for a strong set-it-and-forget-it tuning of the tack strap.

5.743517552430/21 RDM3.80
6.544518052430/21 RDM4.00
7.549519552460/25 RDM4.60

The AeroFoil is specially designed to give that little bit of extra lift to help foilers take off! Two micro-cams make this sail an excellent option for flat water freeride sailing on a fin as well. For those looking for a more “jack-of-all-trades” sail, see the Air-X.

Construction: This model features 100% grid construction for the ultimate solution in durability and UV resistance, raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, insignia tape reinforcing, the Tack Strap II system, thermo-formed base pad, micro roller cambers, Technora leech panels, and a combination of rod and tube battens.