Sail Repair

Since 1986 we have been designing and building sails right in your back yard. We have a fully equipped loft located in Daytona Beach, Florida, that can handle every type of repair. From a torn luff sleeve to a major panel replacement, we can fix it. Our professionally trained staff have repaired every type of damage imaginable. Our work often results in a stronger sail than the original build.

We accept all sail brands for repair and also handle modifications. Do you wish your favorite sail had a tack strap? Do you need an adustable head? Did you rip out the grommet on your clew? Ripped off your downhaul pulley? We can take care of it. Just make sure your sail is very clean and dry then ship it to us or swing by the shop and drop it off. We will give you a quote right there or call you before we do any work.

The base rate is $55 / hour, plus a $20 cleaning fee if the sail is dirty or wet. Rates may vary based on the type of damage and materials required to fix it. A quote will be provided before work begins. Below are some of the common repairs.

Panel Patch Panel Replacement
Seam Tear Luff Sleeve Tear
Broken Downhaul Pulley Head Strap replacement
Torn Batten Pocket Torn Sail Bag
Broken Batten ...and more