Concept: Adult Entry Level

The Motion sail is designed with the entry-level adult in mind. The sail is built in the Aerotech tradition using all grid construction to offer both durability and light weight. It features areduced luff curve allows for easy rigging and a softer more responsive feel resulting in rapid skills improvement. Both sizes are short enough to rig on a 400cm mast.

Construction: This model features 100% grid construction, a stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, and insignia tape reinforcing. Rod battens are used for the entire range. These are some of the most user friendly intermediate sails available. Each sail ships with a rig bag that can easily accomodate all the components of the rig in one easy to carry bag.

5.5 425 183 4 0 400 2.60
6.5 430 200 4 0 400 3.00
* Denotes Adjustable Head | Rigging Guide